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Scents with soul support


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Aromatherapy is an illustrative name for an ancient healing technique, where the aromas of plants do their healing magic in our body.
The aromatic substances stimulate different areas in us through the olfactory system (our sense of smell), calming, grounding, comforting, uplifting and/or energizing us.
A fragrance stimulates our body to respond in a certain way - nature works harmoniously together: aroma -> body -> mind -> emotion -> hormones -> life-energy.

I'm formulating unique scents that support the soul in her aspirations and help to balance the body and its energies.
These are meant to be used in an aroma burner, or to use a few drops on a small cotton ball of piece of felt contained in an open-worked pendant or box to smell at.

The following is for educational purposes only:
If you wish, you could also mix the soul support scent with high quality base oil (jojoba oil is my favourite, since it is nearly odourless and stays fresh for longer, but any plant-based oil that you would consider as food is a good candidate).
To use it as a perfume, mix a maximum of 1 part of soul support scent with 9 parts of base oil.
Please take care to test a tiny amount of mixed product (max. 10% soul support scent in 90% jojoba oil) on the inside of your wrist first to check for allergic reactions.

I have handy roll-on bottles to put your mixed product into, just ask.

Essential oils are very strong extracts and as such, should never be used undiluted on the skin.
For a massage oil one would make the dilution even thinner.

Wintersleep: This soul support scent is for calming the spirit, body and mind. For deep thinking, sorting out, filtering things through your being and winning gold from your experiences.
a warm, comforting composition (vetiver, ho wood, frankincense, amber (Pinus succinifera) and atlas ceder)

feedback on Wintersleep:
"It is an utterly delicious winterscent, love it sooo much! Warmth, depth, spicy – yet calming in a very smooth way.
You created magic, once again!" - Grytsje

Spring Forest: This soul support scent is grounding, invigorating and opening the senses to new opportunities ahead.
a composition of woody, green scents with hints of fruit and flowers (ho wood, citrus, elemi, vetiver and cananga)

Sweet Summer: This soul support scent is warm, relaxing and sensual, mellow like an evening after a hot day. Full with warm, round florals and the light breeze of lavender blowing through. A mild caramel after-scent. Seduce your lover, feel deeply comfortable in your skin. (lavender, patchouli, cananga, palmarosa and amber (Pinus succinifera))

Golden Autumn: This soul support scent is smokey, with an undertone of coniferous evergreen trees and a hint of warm florals. It's quite an outdoorsy experience, bringing the rustic mountain cabin atmosphere into your home or that independent woods-dwelling character onto your skin. (cypres, rosemary, geranium, amber (Pinus succinifera), cananga and cade sp.)

It is also possible to make your very own signature scent. To make it a true soul support scent, I need a recent photo of you and your first name. You can send them via


to me, together with your request.

The scents with soul support come in a little glass bottle (2ml) with a dropper and a screw top. When you see the bottle, you think "this is the tiniest thing I've ever seen!" But: the contents is 100% undiluted essential oils, and a little goes a very long way. These are made on order, allow time for making when ordering.

Obligatory disclaimer: Even though essential oils have been used for thousands of years throughout history and harmonize with nature, the modern day legislation here in Europe requires multiple laboratory tests to prove that products which come in contact with the skin will not cause allergic reactions (they will, in approximately 3% of the population) and to prove their shelf-time (stored cool and protected from direct sunlight, as in a cupboard, they keep well for some years - your nose will tell).
Please note that essential oils are very strong extracts and as such, should never be used undiluted on the skin. Should one choose to use the soul support scent, diluted with jojoba oil, directly on the skin, Simperi cannot be held responsible.

If you're living in the Netherlands or within EU you can make an online bank transfer.

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