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Wish scroll


Image of Wish scroll

Wearable vessels of magic!

about the magic:
Wishes and dreams are an essential part of our lives. They set the compass of our life to point in a specific direction - otherwise we might drift in circles or just plainly astray.

But clamping to a wish or dream can narrow your vision, and shut you down from opportunities - the little sidetracks that enrich your journey whilst bringing you closer to your dream via a secret shortcut!

So here's the trick: Write your wish on a piece of paper, put it in the scroll and wear it.
By writing your wish on a piece of paper you're bringing the dream from the etheral realm into the material world, ink on paper, it's there for you to see, hold and feel.

The next step is to wear the wish scroll and release the path of your dream into the hands of Spirit, the Universe, God...however you want to call the energy that governs Life.

You wear the wish scroll until your dream comes true. A gratitude ceremony is appropriate as your wish unfolds.

about the scrolls:
The scrolls are made of leather, and come on an adjustable cord, so you can determine yourself how high or low you want to wear it. The wish scroll will become darker and shiny from the oils of your skin.

Every wish scroll is handmade by me and truly unique. The design is also 100% mine, so this is superduper special!

Explanation for the illustrations
1. a closeup of the wishscroll
2. the wishscroll in its totality
3. the wish scroll opened: it already contains a tiny scroll of paper. Hint: use tweezers for extracting the paper roll from the wish scroll!
4. a closeup where you can see the top of the lid

NB: the little tool, made of bone, is a prop used to tilt the wish scroll for better viewing. It is not included in with this item, since I need it in my workshop!

The wish scrolls are around 3cm tall.

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