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Personal amulet


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The ultimate gift to yourself or a loved-one; a personal amulet to remind you of your True Nature every time you see it, empowering you by its presence.

This is how it works:
When you order a personal amulet, I will ask you to send a recent photo + the first name of the person this amulet is going to be made for.
I will then make connection with the soul essence of the person, and create an amulet that communicates the qualities that are present in him/her, perhaps wanting to be seen more or more often.
It is essentially a soul reading, the report expressed in amulet-form.
Allow 1 - 2 weeks for creating.
You will get a note along with the amulet, explaining the symbolic meaning of the materials used.

Every amulet is unique - because you are!

Choose the price you want to pay, the amulet will follow the price range in its material use and elaborations.